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Coats of arms with supporters

Azure, on a cross Argent, between four cinquefoils Argent, seeded Gules, three annulets interlaced Gules. Supporters: Two angels Argent, vested Azure, crined and crowned Or.
The coat of arms with supporters of the Paroisses Catholiques de Haguenau designed by Yannick Beuvelet and emblazoned by me.
Per bend sinister, Argent an escallop Gules and Sable a lotus flower Or. Supporters: Dexter, a Chinese dragon rampant Or, armed and langued Gules; and sinister, a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Or, terraced Vert.
The coat of arms with supporters of Alain Fontaine emblazoned by me.
Design rationale: Teamwork navigating towards a common goal (lymphad with sail and oars), keeping trade secrets (book with clasps), and solidity in support and growth (linden).
The coat of arms with a supporter of the Strategy Department of Consultoria.IO designed by Ignacio Perez de Bartolome and me and emblazoned by me.
Or, on a chevron between three crosses flory Gules three crescents Argent. Crest: Upon a helm with a wreath Or and Gules, a pomegranate slipped and leaved proper. Mantling: Gules doubled Or. Supporters: Two lions rampant Or, langued and armed Gules.
The coat of arms with supporters of Nick Rica designed by him and me and emblazoned by me.
Party per fess: 1 Argent, a rose Gules, barbed and seeded proper; 2 Gules, two swords in saltire Argent, hilted Or. Supporters: Two bears Sable, the eyes, pizzled, langued, armed and gorged Gules, terraced Vert. Motto: «Ingenuus et fortis» Sable over a scroll Argent doubled Gules.
The coat of arms with supporters of Stephan Urs Breu emblazoned by me.
Argent, a griffin segreant Gules, armed and beaked Or; a bordure compony counter-compony Or and Azure. Supporters: two knights Argent, armored Azure and Or, vested with tabards Argent charged with a griffins  segreant Gules, the dexter, crined and bearded Or, the eyes Vert, grasping in his dexter hand a sword point upwards Or, the sinister, crined and bearded Sable, the eyes Azure, grasping in his sinister hand a sword point upwards Or.
The coat of arms with supporters of Yannick Beuvelet designed by him and me, and emblazoned by me.