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Hatching & tricking

Party per fess, the base per pale: 1 Or, a hurt; 2 Gules and 3 Argent, over both a cross of Malta counterchanged. Crest: A closed royal crown.
The coat of arms for the municipality of Candasnos, Huesca, was designed by Valeriano Labara Ballestar and approved by the Government of Aragon. It is emblazoned in two styles: 1) hatching, using dots and lines; and 2) with plain tinctures.
Chequey of fifteen Argent and Sable; on a bordure Gules, eight Saltires couped Or. Crest: A crown of Marquise. Behind the shield the cross of the Order of Saint James
Hatching version of the coat of arms of Alvaro de Bazan y Guzman (1526-1588), Marquis of Santa Cruz, emblazoned in two styles. The hatching includes the codes used underneath the arms.
Azure, a Turftjalk ship sailing to sinister proper on waves of the sea Argent. Crest: Upon helm affronty, barred  Argent, lined Sable, with a wreath Argent and Azure, a dexter hand couped proper pointing upwards. Mantling: Azure doubled Argent.
Hatching version of the coat of arms emblazoned for Duco Wildeboer, including the hatching codes used underneath the arms.
Gules, a base enarched Vert, overall a cross patty fitchy Or, piercing in base the head of a serpent nowed and facing sinister Sable, langued Gules.
Arms of Tomasz Grzeszkowiak by me: 1) outlined; 2) tricking, using abbreviations; 3) hatching, using dots and lines; and 4) plain tinctures.