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Sable, a dolphin naiant Or; a chief embattled Vert, fimbriated Or. Crest: Upon a helm with a wreath Or and Vert, a cornish chough speaking proper, his dexter foot grasping the point of a mullet Gules. Mantling: Vert doubled Or. Motto: «Siempre Adelante».

Salmeron Heraldry: where the heraldic symbols come to life.

Coats of arms emblazoned for people, companies, universities, and institutions.

How I paint a puffin in 3 steps to draw, colors and metals, and lights and shadows. I did it for the puffins of the coat of arms of Ralf Hartemink. Blazon: Or, three puffins proper.

Atlantic puffin

Ink drawing and digital processing

Argent,  a pomegranate slipped and leaved proper.

Coat of Arms of Granada

Ink drawing and digital processing

About my style

My style as a heraldic artist can be defined with three terms: clear, symbolic and methodical.

It is clear why I work so that the coats of arms that I make transmit energy and vital force to its owner and his family. I believe that a shield must be a source of light and joy and an expression of freedom. For this reason, in my heraldic creative process, I prefer to be inspired by the initial stages of the history of heraldry and bring its original freshness to the 21st century.

It is symbolic because the armories must be a representation of its bearer, of his ideals, his goals and motivations, of his history or of what he wishes to capture. Therefore, the creation of a shield must be the conjunction of the meanings provided by the future holder and the signifiers, the heraldic rules of the coat of arms and the art provided by the heraldic artist.

I am a full craft member of the Society of Heraldic Arts, correspondent fellow of Asturian Academy of Heraldry and Genealogy, and member of The Heraldry Society and The International Heraldry Society.

It is methodical because heraldic art is based on a science, the so-called «heroic science». This science has its principles, its laws of composition and its own formal language, and my method of working as an artist is born from it. The existence of a method should not be seen as a hindrance to creativity, but as a support for it and as the guarantee of all professional work.

A castle triple-towered Or, port and windows Azure, masoned Sable.

Salmeron Heraldry

Dr. Antonio Salmeron Cabañas

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a: Paseo de la Castellana 135, 7th floor, 28046 Madrid, Spain